8 things that happen when you use a deodorant

We are aware that men deodorant is meant to make us smell good making us feel fresh. But we do not realize the several other benefits of a deodorant. A deodorant if used the right way can do wonders for you.

Let’s learn about the 8 things that happen when you use a deodorant:

Kills bacteria:

Did you know? Sweat is nearly odourless. Instead, the odour comes from the bacteria. Men deodorant contain antibacterial ingredients to prevent the smell and kill bacteria. This is a great thing that happens when you use a deodorant. Most people are unaware of this function of a deodorant.

Not a sweat stopper:

Deodorants do not stop sweat completely. When your deodorant label reads ‘all day protection’ it only reduces sweat by 20%. Also, it is interesting to know that ‘extra strength’ deodorants are required to cut down sweat by 30%. There isn’t a deodorant that stops sweat, they only reduce the sweat.

Try variants:

Using the same deodorant always does not work to the fullest. Our body grows immune to the deodorant we regularly use. It is necessary to try variants of the same brand as a surprise element to your body. Keep switching deodorants every six months to make sure your deodorant is doing its job.

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