Deodorants, fragrances and personalities

Choosing a deodorant is like choosing a LinkedIn profile picture. You want it to be perfect, not too dull, not over the top and yet attract the best professional connections. Well, this is possible only if you choose the best body spray for men in India. Just to help you get there, here’s what different fragrances say about each personality:

Bergamot and grapefruit: Impeccable businessman

The purity of bergamot and the freshness of grapefruit with a slight touch of musk is the fragrance that makes a man look impeccable yet enigmatic. This is clearly for a powerful businessman who is shining in his best attire always, outperforming himself and mysteriously seductive. Men deodorant with this fragrance is for the powerful men.

Aromatic spices and intense woody notes: Gentlemen

A classic fragrance with aromatic spices and intense woody notes is for the charming, elegant and the chivalrous. The man choosing this fragrance is a heart winner and can sweep you off your feet in the best way possible. Only a gentleman will choose this best body deodorant for men in India.

Citrus: Athletic

Citrus fragrances are fun and energetic. This is for the sporty and athletic personalities. The men who are the life of the party and love being the centre of attention will pick body spray brands, India with this fragrance.

Marine: Casual

Marine fragrances are for those who love to be in the water. It is also for the men who are easy going, casual and happy go lucky. The ones who have a style that is casual and effortless shall surely go marine with the deodorant brands in India.

Leather: Silent and Daring

Leather fragrances are for the men who are strong and silent, yet mysterious and daring. The cowboy hat, leather jackets, scuffed boots and a rugged bike is what they thrive on. Leather fragrances are for the gutsy men who won’t walk with the crowd.

Fougère: Outdoors man

Fougère fragrances are green and fern like, reminiscent of a pine forest. The man who chooses a Fougère fragrance is an outdoors man, rugged and full of the country air. He can chop the firewood, create a roaring fire, take a road trip and escape away in a range rover. The outdoor man will hunt for his fragrance among the best body deodorant for men, India.

Earthy: Bold

Earthy scents are for the men who are unique and bold. They can’t help but be as real as they are. They never stop themselves from exploring and taking up a challenge. He is grounded in every sense of the World.

Well, that’s that! The next time you are looking for a deodorant, pick one that depicts your personality and makes you stand out. The best part is you don’t have to wonder how any more, this article is your ready reckoner. If you know anyone who is looking for the perfect deodorant that fits their personality, feel free to guide them to this article.


5 Hygiene Tips for Staying Fresh All Day

There are a number of things that need to be considered to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases. Following personal hygiene practices can take you a long way in keeping illness away; this includes washing and taking other precautionary measures. However, there is more to hygiene than just washing hands. Let’s take a look at five easy ways that can help you not only smell fresh and feel confident but also, get rid of the harmful bacteria.

Clean Up Your Diet

Keeping your body clean from within is equally important as keeping it clean outside. This can be done by eliminating certain food items from your diet.

Avoiding food dishes that contain garlic, onions, chilies, cruciferous vegetables and some types of cheese can be a good way to start off.  As these food items contain aromatic compounds, they are liekly to make your sweat stink.

Shower Daily

Showering daily has been a ritual among many cultures. Taking a shower daily will reduce stress, wash away dirt and leave you smelling and feeling fresh. Take a hot shower bath, use a good soap that can get rid of the bacteria from your skin.

Use Deodorant and Antiperspirant

Most of us often make use of a deodorant or an antiperspirant that helps you stay fresh all day long. Using a good body spray by well-known deodorant brands in India can be useful to reduce the sweating or reduce body odour.

If you sweat profusely, opt for a reputed brand that manufactures antiperspirants. They can be useful to prevent the excessive sweating. On the other hand, a deodorant can be useful for those who are looking to mask body odour with a good fragrance. There are also some products that contain both. Personal preference will dictate which one’s best for you. However, ensure to only opt for the best body deodorant for men in India. Such brands are certified and do not contain harmful chemicals such as benzene, aluminum chlorohydrate, parabens, propylene glycol and triclosan.

Brush and Floss

Daily oral hygiene practices like brushing and flossing will help you keep your breath fresh, gums and teeth healthy. You can also consider brushing your teeth at least two to three times a day. Those of you who want a quick remedy should consider flossing whenever required. You can also use a tongue scraper that can help remove all the bacteria and other residues.

Wear Clean Clothes Every Day

Clothes can be dirty than we could imagine as they contain harmful bacteria and another element that are not seen by our eyes. Besides, sweating also releases a lot of bacteria that can leave you with an odour.

If sweat is a concern, wearing clothes made from cotton, wool will be a good choice. Wearing such clothes will wick your sweat naturally and reduce the growth of bacterial growth that is responsible for causing odour.

You can also consider wearing socks that are made from cotton instead of synthetics. This will ensure that your feet don’t sweat and smell.

Date Ideas- Interesting things you can do together

Are you getting tired of those uninteresting coffee dates again and again? Has it just been a few months and you’re already feeling like it’s your silver jubilee? Instead of staring into each other’s eyes are you two staring at the arms of your clock when together? There’s something that is definitely wrong! You are in desperate need of some reinvigorating advice.

Just like you need a good antiperspirant deodorant to add charm to your persona, your relationship needs a little spice too. Take a look at these interesting activities which will keep the excitement alive in your otherwise dull relationship.

Reasons why you should buy He Deos

Everybody needs to wear a good deodorant at some point of time. Whether it is to smell good or feel confident, a good men’s deodorant comes in handy. You can use it while going to the gym, family functions, meetings and a lot of more. A deodorant is a must have in your bag as it can be a lifesaver. However, choosing the right deodorant can be very daunting. People need to consider many factors when it comes to choosing the right men’s deodorant.

With many claiming to be the best deodorant brand in India, choosing the right one can be very daunting. They offer users a variety of fragrances in different concentrations that suit your taste. Many people usually opt for the expensive deodorants or those endorsed by their favorite stars assuming they are the best. This only results in a lot of skin problems. With so many body spray brands in India, you are likely to make mistakes, and to make your life easy we picked our favorite from the many.

Take a look at a few reasons below why you should go for He deodorant and no other deodorant:

Belongs to Emami:

It’s been over four decades, Emami group has grown in India with a presence in major sectors of FMCG, real estate, hospitals, retail, newsprint manufacturing, pharmacy chain, contemporary art ,edible oil and biodiesel . As a result, they have been providing a variety of products in different fields for every household. With such a brand name backing the product, you can be assured it is nothing but the best.


While there are many perfume brands that are expensive and do not last long, He Deos is the complete opposite. The price of the bottle is such that it can be purchased by almost anyone without it burning a hole in their pocket.

Many variants:

“He” Deodorant has a variety of interesting fragrances bottled in 6 variants such as Smart, Confident, Extrovert, Recharge, Ruler and Magician. The wide range of fragrances range from citrus, oriental, marine, fougere, woody & musk families. The fragrances are subtle, yet offer strong & long lasting effects on users, making them feel macho, energetic, confident and full of vitality. The anti-bacterial property of the deodorant will also help to keep them refreshed throughout the day.

Built at international standards:

As Emami is a trust worthy company, their products too can be relied without any doubt. Each He deodorant bottle is built with international standards and is suitable for any skin type.

Makes you feel confident:

With such a vast variety available from a trusted brand, you can opt to buy them all. You can use them for functions, at the gym, the office and so on. The different fragrances of He deodorants, guarantee to make you smell good all day long.

With the above reasons, we are sure you are convinced just like us why He deodorant is a better fragrance than any other body spray brand in India. So if you are looking to buy a good men’s deodorant, make sure you give He Deodorants a try. After all, who doesn’t like being interesting.

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He deos & its 6 variants

There are a number of brands that are trying to make a major difference in the market of deodorants. One of the popular one’s is Emami’s He deodorant that has launched six different variants. Take a look at few reasons listed below that make them one of a kind.


How do deodorants work

Many of us use deodorants on a daily-basis without knowing how sweat is formed or how a deodorant actually functions. The article below will give a complete detail about the formation of sweat and how a deodorant works to supress the odour.




Say goodbye to the season of cool breezes, and say hello to the hot and humid season –summer. With winter and its cool climate bidding adieu, one should be prepared to face the onslaught of the most unwelcome and at times dreaded bodily phenomenon – sweat.

Though a very natural function of the human body, we don’t feel that there’s anyone in the country who would love to sweat. Sweating can ruin a lot of perfectly good moments for you. From rearing its ugly head as armpit stains, wetbacks, to just plain leaving you with a bad hair day. Besides the obvious display of moisture in all the wrong places, another unwelcome symptom of sweating is body odour. There’s a very good reason for the presence of various body spray brands in India.

So don’t let body odour ruin your moment. Grab a bottle of men’s deodorant as we share with you a few but very helpful tips to make your deodorant last longer and possibly save your day.


One of the most popular pieces of advice from anyone who calls themselves a perfume aficionado would be “layer your fragrances”. What this means is that you must use two or more scented products with similar scents to strengthen the scent ‘notes’. Eg: Use a fresh scented soap/gel in the shower, dry yourself and spritz yourself with a perfume that has Aqua notes.


One of the most common mistakes that people make is just spraying their deodorant randomly. If you picture any advertisement, the person normally sprays the deodorant in the shape of a giant X. Instead, you should spray on these few target areas where sweat gathers the most –armpits, inner elbows, below the chest, etc.


What most people don’t know is that it’s important to shake the bottle vigorously before spraying. This is because some of the ingredients are denser than the others, and hence require quite a shake up before spraying.


Roll-on deodorants are usually sticky liquids. So when you’re done taking your shower, apply the roll-on deodorant on your underarms first and allow it to dry completely on the skin before wearing any clothes. This will allow it to be completely absorbed by your body by the time your clothes are on.


A major rule of scents you must not break is to only apply your deodorant or perfume on the clean, dry and clear skin. If you slap on some deodorant when you are already sweaty and smelly, you are simply defeating the reason for its existence in the first place. So make sure you apply a deodorant after you’re done with your shower. Since your skin pores are open, it will absorb the formula and will leave you smelling fresh all day long.

So take heed of these tips and stay fresh all day!

Reasons to wear a Deodorant

Deodorants play a vital role in your daily lives, but not many people realise the advantages. The article below provides with enough reasons for you to include your favourite perfume in your wardrobe.

Smelling good at all times, is a vital phenomenon when it comes to socialising. There are plenty of ways this can be achieved. Using the less effective natural products, you can use the popular he body spray. They work perfectly well and there are numerous reasons why you should wear a deodorant at all times. Take a look at the breakdown given below.

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