Eight off-beat adventure sports that you should try this summer!

For an adventure junkie, the thrill of a new experience can be quite a high. However, after doing the same things a couple of times, the adventure trips that once were awe-inspiring just seem boring and old. If this is you, don’t worry. We bring you some of the best off-beat adventure sports that can entice even an experienced adventure enthusiast to pack its bag and head out for the summer. Be it water-based, on the hills, free falling or camping, we have an option for everything! So, pack your bags with your outdoor gear and HE body spray and get moving!

Cliff camping

Regular campsites seem to be too boring now? Well, how about camping on a cliff high above the ground? The new concept of cliff camping has been gaining massive traction amongst adventure junkies as it takes camping to an all new high, literally. Here, you can set up camp on a hill which can be 50 feet above the ground. Enjoy the fresh air as you curl up in your sleeping bag or marvel at the scenic wonder around you as you enjoy your meals.


For anyone who has looked at the ‘bat-cave’ and wanted to go exploring, caving or spelunking should be your activity this summer. Explore caves hidden in wilderness by climbing, rappelling or even crawling to get there. The physical exertion of the trek coupled with the adventure of an unexplored cave can give even the seasoned junkie a boost of adrenalin. However, all this activity can cause to sweat quite a bit raking up the body so don’t forget to pack your HE deodorant to keep you fresh.

Scuba diving

Not satisfied with simply treading the surface of the water? How about exploring the world underwater with scuba diving. This adventure sport is perfect to cool off this summer and allows you to explore the depths of the sea. However, you do have to undergo some basic training first so be sure to set aside enough time for this adventure.


Another great option at the beach is parasailing. Here, you don’t have to settle for being in the water but can soar high above it while enjoying the fresh breeze. You are hooked onto a boat with a parachute type thing strapped to you allowing you to sail in the air with the boat.

Stand up paddle boating

Boating is quite a popular activity in India but for an adventurous guy it can be way boring. Well, not anymore! With stand up paddle boating becoming the new thing, adventure junkies have another way to experience the waves. Here, you get on a paddle and have a stick in your hand with which you move the boat forward. It’s different than surfing and can be done by almost anyone.


This ultimate experience is a must for all adventure enthusiasts. Jumping out of a plane with nothing but a parachute can be terrifying but is a thrill in itself. Of course this isn’t for the faint hearted but for those seeking the ultimate thrill. Be sure to heed the warnings and precautions for this sport!


Want to fly in the sky without sitting in an airplane? Check out paragliding. You have to climb a hill to get to the take-off point and then can glide across nature in the air while being clipped to a glider. As the climb can cause you to sweat profusely be sure to apply your HE deodorant beforehand. Experience the sense of flight along with a birds-eye view of the nature around you for a thrilling time.

Bungee Jumping

Think you got what it takes to jump off a cliff with a rope keeping you secure? Try out bungee jumping this summer as you concur your fear of heights and experience free-falling like never before.

With these off-beat adventure sports, you can be sure to ramp up your thrill quotient this summer. Be sure to carry your travel essentials completed with the favourable HE body spray!


8 Amazing Sports Players with the Coolest Personality!

Sports players are inspirational figures. Their dedication, discipline and pursuance toward their field teaches us how we can achieve success, overcome tough phases, and win big. Sports players show us that any goal is attainable with constant practice and inner drive.

Besides their technique and skills, sports players ‘sport’ (pun intended) a ‘cool’ quotient that sets them apart. Their cool personality raises the bar and sets them on a higher pedestal. I’m sure you have your own favourite sports player, so please don’t be disappointed if they don’t feature among these eight amazing sports players with cool personalities!

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Admit it, you may hate or love him, but you can’t shake him off that easily. Cristiano Ronaldo is cool as they come. He knows his strengths, he knows his talents, and he knows he’s a phenomenon – he puts all of these on display along with his trademark aerial acts, step overs, and nimble footwork. He’s a good inspiration if you’re passionate about football. Get into your jersey, pull on your socks and shoes, spray on your HE body spray and head for that field – don’t look back after that.

Cristiano Ronaldo

  1. Roger Federer

On court or off-court, Roger Federer defines cool and nice with his charming smile, innocent demeanor, and wicked moves on the court. His disciples number many, even his rivals admire him, and that’s saying something. Roger Federer is one of those rare legends that come along once in a while.

Roger Federer in action against Borna Coric

  1. Serena Williams

One of the best female tennis player ever, Serena Williams is not just cool, she is super cool! Her prowess on court, her ultra-stylish fashion quotient and awe-worthy winning streaks maker her one of a kind. She’s a trailblazer, and a courageous one at that.

Serena Williams.jpg

  1. Michael Phelps

The most decorated Olympian, Michael Phelps has a total of 28 Olympic medals! How cool is that? He has constantly broken records to emerge as a winner in his field. He now has set up a Foundation that promotes water safety, swimming and healthy living. Truly commendable.

Michael Phelps.jpg

  1. LeBron James

We’ve all played basketball at some point in our lives. Scoring a basket gives him an adrenaline high. LeBron James is a powerhouse both on and off court. Unarguably, he’s one of the most popular and potent sports player around. What makes him cooler is that he and Michael Jordan are the only ones to win a regular-season MVP, NBA Finals MVP and an Olympic gold medal in the same year! C’mon, get your game on, dribble, swing, and score! Keep sweat and odour out of your game with a generous spritz of HE body spray POWER for powerful, long lasting fragrance that preserves your energy levels throughout the day!

LeBron James


  1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

He was rightly called as the ‘Captain Cool’. MS Dhoni defined the ‘cool’ factor with his calm, quiet, and unassuming ways and decisions. Winning the World Cup for the nation after 28 long years with a final, powerful six is the stuff that lives on forever. From playing cricket in a small town to being Captain of the Indian Cricket Team commands respect. Channel the essence of MS Dhoni through HE deodorant RESPECT from the range available on the India website. Smash some sixes!

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

  1. Usain Bolt

The fastest man in the world has got to be cool after heating up the tracks! The reigning world and Olympic champion, Usain Bolt, he is the only sprinter to win the 100m and 200m at three consecutive Olympics! He is popularly known as ‘Lightning Bolt’ for his superman sprints.

Usain Bolt

  1. Jimmie Johnson

Six-time champion of the NASCAR Sprint Cup series, Jimmie Johnson has been racing from a young age. While at first it was motorcycles, he graduated to cars and there’s never been looking back for him ever since. Johnson won his sixth championship, one less than the record held by Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Sr. in 2013. He’s a cool guy, with a calm, quiet, and gracious air that contract as he burns the tires on the race tracks, and wins!

Jimmie Johnson.jpg

There you have it, eight Amazing Sports Players who rock their Cool quotient! You’ve got enough inspiration to pull on your shoes and head out for some high energy, interesting, and enjoyable sports. Remember to carry along a bottle of water, an energy drink, a face towel, and your favourite HE deodorant picked from the HE deodorant website. Ready, steady, GO!


We’re into the third month of the year. Aye, the ides of March bring with it the merciless, scorching heat that makes your sweat pour down like the Niagara Falls. Okay that was an exaggeration but you get what I mean, right? No matter how many glasses of water you drink or how low you set your air-conditioner, the heat doesn’t seem to spare you. Summer is also the time when we run out of our deodorants faster than any other time in the year what with all the sweating and the odour that accompanies it. Which is why, a long lasting deodorant like HE deodorant or HE body spray would help you defend against sweat and odour through the summer.

The heat is aimed at dehydrating and leaving you with an unending quench for thirst. Those carbonated drinks and sodas look awfully tempting. Your parched throat and mouth agree, and you gulp down the ice cold drink and a huge sigh of relief escapes as the cool drink refreshes you, inside-out. But hold on there for a moment, tempting and refreshing as they may be, aerated drinks do not have any nutritional value and cause harm to your body. It’s time you avoided these drinks. There are healthier options that will keep you cool, are lip-smackingly delicious, and have high nutritional value. Try out these 10 Drinks for a Chilled out Summer.


  1. Lime with a Twist

Lime with a TwistOne of the most simple, cooling and quick summer drinks is Lime with a Twist. A lemon, pinch of fresh ginger, a green chilli, few sprigs of mint leaves, little salt, soda (optional), and chilled water are all the ingredients you need to consume this refreshing drink. Trust me, it instantly cools down your body and will satiate your thirst.

  1. Coconut Water

It’s not summer without sipping on delicious, refreshing coconut water. This is nature’s most nutritious and tasty fruit that is great in keeping the body hydrated and cool. Coconut water is the best defence against the burning heat that robs you of energy. If you’re on the road, you can easily get this from a roadside vendor. Make sure to use your sunscreen, sunglasses, and HE Deodorant when stepping out in the sun to stay protected.

  1. Aam Panna (Raw Mango Juice)

Raw mango juice is a great way to pep up summer. It’s sweet and sour flavour gives a unique tang that makes it one of the most delicious and nutritive drinks to beat the summer heat. A raw mango, Black salt, pepper, roasted cumin powder, a few sprigs of mint leaves, chilled water, and few ice cubes are the ingredients that go into preparing this rejuvenating tangy delicious drink!

Aam Panna

  1. Lassi

This traditional Punjabi drink has gained mass-wide popularity due to its creamy frothiness and sweet flavour. The main ingredient of this drink is yoghurt, and it can be had sweet, salty or spiced. Completely chilled yoghurt is the key to consuming this highly nutritive, filling, and chilling summer drink.

  1. Kokum Juice

One of the best summer relievers, this coastal fruit, also known as ‘Malabar Tamarind’, protects your body from dehydration and sunstroke. It’s a healthy drink that keeps your body cool and refreshed. Kokam Sherbet is a popular drink among the coastal regions as it grows in abundance there. However, Kokum squash is also available in bottles in stores which you can use to prepare your own Kokum Sherbet.

  1. Cold Coffee

Coffee lovers need not be disappointed as the ever yummy Cold Coffee is a great way to keep the cool factor going during the hot summer months. One of the quickest and easiest cooling drinks to make, you can add a dollop of ice cream, chocolate syrup, and cinnamon to enjoy it wholeheartedly while the sun burns away.

  1. Chaas (Buttermilk)

Chaas or Buttermilk is great not just for summer but also for your whole system. Loaded with curd, ginger, curry leaves, green chillies, mint leaves, salt and chilled water, this invigorating drink is an instant coolant for your body. What’s more, it tastes absolutely delicious!

  1. Sugarcane Juice

A tall glass of frothy sugarcane juice laced with ice cubes! Aah, the perfect drink on a steaming summer day. Sugarcane juice, especially the one from the vendor who crushes the sugarcane manually, is a blessing when you’re sapped of energy from the fiery sun and want some respite. A glass of chilled sugarcane juice will help cool your body, boost your energy levels and hydrates your body. Spray on your refreshing HE body spray before you head out for yummy ganna (sugarcane) juice.

  1. Rose Milk

Rose Milk, as the name suggests, combines the sweet flavour of rose with milk for an ultra-soothing beverage that will set you in a state of complacence and bliss. Rose syrup, rose water, and chilled milk are the main ingredients of this visually appealing drink that helps your body remain cool. Easy and quick to make, this drink is popular with kids and adults alike.

Rose Milk

  1. Mango Juice

What’s summer without a glass of thick mango juice? Our childhood was filled with this delightful drink that kept us cool as we played to our heart’s content in summers. So, let’s continue the tradition of sipping on chilled, fresh, pulpy mango juice as the sun tries to burn a hole through us.

Summer is the season when we keep cool not just with these rejuvenating and delicious drinks but also with our light coloured cotton clothes, caps, and sunglasses. Remember to have a long-lasting, icy cool deodorant with you at all times. The HE deodorant range has a variety of deodorants that will help you through the summer. You can choose from the HE body spray range, the ICY collection, or the Hrithik HE deodorants from the HE deodorant India website which is perfect to retain icy freshness all day long during the hot summer!

Go sip on some lovely aam panna or lassi. Remember, stay hydrated, stay safe, stay fresh!


With Valentine’s Day peeking around the corner, it’s time to spruce up and charm your woman right off her feet. You should be doing it every other day too but this is a special occasion and so we thought of bringing forward 8 Simple Ways for Men to be Irresistibly Charming.


1. Face Time
Nah, not that face time. We mean, it’s time you took a close look at your face. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face for a fresh, clean look. Believe us, no woman likes to look at an oily face. Add a cheerful smile to your face and voila! You’re all set to impress.


2. Go Grey
If you have grey hair don’t feel shy or embarrassed about it. Grey hair can actually let the woman know that you’re comfortable with yourself. Grey hair is an element women find attractive and honest. Think George Clooney or Milind Soman and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

3. Smell Great
Body odour is something women detest. Make sure you wear a good fragrance of perfume or perfumed body spray. It will not just stop body odour but will also boost your confidence with its aromatic, soothing notes. You can try out the Hrithik HE deodorant range which covers several personality themes. We suggest HE perfumed body spray ‘Respect’ that emphasizes the gentleman spirit. You can visit the HE deodorant website for more fragrance options. So spritz some HE body spray on and charm your way on.

Smell Great

4. Wear Clothes that Fit
This is a no-brainer, really. Opt for clothing that suits the occasion and you. A well-fitted shirt and trouser or jeans is the key to turn on the charm. Make sure you wear prints that suit your height and body structure for the best effect.

5. Shave but not much
A clean shave takes it too far, yet a basic shave leaving a little stubble is something most women seem to like. Remember, a day’s stubble gives off an edgy, manly look but do not grow your beard longer than that, at least for now.

6. Stay Fit
According to a study, most women go for a well-built body – not a muscular one nor a thin body. A lean, toned body is what women are charmed by. Exercise daily, pack in routines that suit your body and remain fit. Remember to carry along your HE deodorant to stay fresh and smell good even after your workout.

7. Communication & Humour
Women love it when a man expresses himself confidently and clearly. A dash of humour spices things up and women love a good laugh. Tickle her funny bone with some of your hilarious mis-adventures and experiences – it makes for a great way to bond.

8. Wear your Confidence & Smile
Nothing spells charm more eloquently than a good confident walk, posture, gestures and speech aided with a genuine smile. So wear your confidence proudly and smile as you look into her eyes for maximum impact.

Along with the above you need to respect the woman you are with. Treat her well, listen to her carefully, and be a support she can always count on. Basic good manners, sensitivity to little things, and kindness too go a long way in charming a woman – but it should all be from the heart and not just some items on a to-do list to be checked off. Follow the above 8 Ways to be Irresistibly Charming and let us know how it worked out for you!

11 Roads in India Every Motor Enthusiast Must Take

There are normal roads and then there are motorcycle friendly roads. Normal roads are your regular chaotic traffic, cows in the middle, potholed speckled, and honking filled road. Motorcycle roads on the other hand are the amalgamation of narrow, wide, dry, green bordered, snow covered roads offering scenic visual delights of rich emerald valleys, sparkling azure waters, sandy brown dunes and wintry white landscapes that gets your heart pumping in exquisite rapture.

Let’s cruise down the 11 amazing roads in India for motorcycle lovers to ride.

This is one life-altering road that challenges you at every turn and progress. It’s one of the most difficult but an extremely fulfilling ride you will ever experience. It covers velvet rich greenery of Manali to the spiritual-seeped, pristine raw and wild beauty of Leh Ladakh. If you’re a beginner, it is advisable to take the help of a guide to navigate the tricky parts of it especially near Khardung-la (the world’s highest motorable road). It’s a soul satisfying road for all motorcycle lovers to ride.

Arunachal Pradesh merges scintillating beauty with challenging roads for a gritty riding experience. Navigate the snow covered roads as you get a glimpse up and close of tribal culture. With the raw natural beauty surrounding you, this makes for a unique and interesting ride.

You’ve probably motorcycled your way through slush, rains, pebbled or icy roads and more. But have you ever motorcycled through a desert? If you haven’t, the great Indian Thar Desert is the perfect place to explore the expansive desert with its golden sand dunes. It’s amazing high climbing those sand dunes and descending down them. Remember to pack essential skin care items to avoid the harmful effects of the sun. Also pack your HE deodorant to maintain a great smell at all times.

If you’re looking for an easy, relaxing ride, take the Mumbai to Trivandrum route for some great exposure to the western coastline of India. It’s a refreshing ride with the coastal regions laid at your feet and scores of sandy beaches brushed with water keep you in mesmerizingly Loly Company. While the ride is on the whole pleasant, spray on some HE body spray to keep as fresh and odour-free as possible. The heavenly pure Allepey is a destination that is worth the ride.

We’ve covered riding across a sandy desert, how about riding across a salt desert? The Rann of Kutch is a magnificent white landscape with no civilization or even a defined path around. You can just accelerate and not use your brakes! Make the ride a magical and memorable one by riding at night-time when the whole heavens open out above you with the luminous glow of the moon and twinkling guiding stars weave their magic on you.

Think deep green valleys, sapphire water bodies, and tricky terrain and you’re in for one of the most charming yet challenging rides. The scenic vistas beside every mountain will bring out joy, music and a song from your heart. The sheer beauty of this route takes your breath away. It’s a ride unlike any other, unique and incomparable.

If you’re a story buff and a motorcycle enthusiast, try the Delhi – Mandawa route to get your fill of history as you navigate through the roads. Make your way from Delhi to Taj Mahal and catch up on forts around Jaipur and Agra while you’re there. Head on to Pushkar for narrower roads and explore to your heart’s content.

The north-east is still yet to be explored completely. The ride from Siliguri to Yuksom promises fantastic and challenging roads surrounded by pristine beauty. You can see the majestic Himalayas rising high against the sky while Kanchenjunga is also visible from here. Ride on through Kalimpong to discover colourful markets here and enjoy your time in these mountains away from the bustle of city life.

While we’re on riding through the north-east, let’s look at another gem that is Meghalaya. The wettest place on Earth is a paradise for motorcycle riding lovers. With the highest waterfalls of India gushing down the mountains and uncertain terrain, Meghalaya is a great place to be explored on a motorcycle. The cleanest place in India has a quintessential beauty that will consume you. While you’re there, visit Nongriat for a look at the living root bridge.

Okay so this isn’t really a lengthy motorcycle ride but if you’re a daredevil then Pamban Bridge at Rameswharam is a challenge you would simply love to conquer. Imagine a bridge surrounded by water just a few inches below. It’s easy to get swept away if the tide rises here. Ride with the ocean under you and you will experience something quite out of the ordinary. Apply a whiff of HE body spray Icy Lagoon to match the ocean’s call.

A good one for a weekend motorcycle trip, Kolli Hills features 70 hairpin bends! It’s a deathly road, so be careful navigating those sharp turns. It should get your adrenaline rushing and pumping. Enjoy the thrill of this road and do stop over at the Agai Ganga waterfall, Pineapple farm and Shiva temple.

So there you have it, 11 amazing roads in India for motorcycle lovers to ride. We’ve tried to cover diverse areas and terrains for the ultimate riding experience. Remember to always keep your HE deodorant at the ready while you’re out on the road.

What’s your deodorant personality?

In 2017, the alpha male is more than just ‘Tall, Dark and Handsome’. You also gotta be smart, witty and have an amazing personality!

And as we all know, one of the most important aspects of having a kickass personality is to have an irresistible scent. Research proves that men who smell good are considered to be more attractive than guys who don’t. (Well, you don’t need some research to prove this fact, do you?)

A lot can be said from just your choice in men’s deodorant. Wonder how? Let us break it down for you.

  1. If you go for HE Respect-

You are the guy who acts like a gentleman from the retro age but your thoughts are quite modern. You know how to treat a woman right and wish to be the wind beneath her wings. You do not believe in patronizing and are far away from stereotypes.

  1. If you go for HE Conqueror-

You aim to win in every stage of life. Being highly competitive is exhausting but you do it with utmost sincerity and overcome all the obstacles in every phase of your life. From choosing a body deodorant for men to career decisions, you always go for the best.

  1. If you go for HE Magician-

You always surprise the people around you. You are calm in the chaos, which this insane society is desperately in need of. Be it a problem in your life/closed ones, you are always the one who comes up with the most quirky yet rational solution.

  1. If you go for HE Ruler-

You have exceptional leadership qualities and always want to be the captain of the ship. People look up to you and are constantly inspired by your actions. Heads turn as soon as you enter the room; some admire your brain, while the others admire your personality.

  1. If you go for HE Smart-

Someone with an inborn talent of being witty, quick with his answers and exceptionally smart! You can easily swoop anyone off his/her feet with your charming smile and sharp wisdom. You are the epitome of the phrase – “Beauty with Brains”

  1. If you go for HE Passion-

You are driven by the fire inside you and always wish to achieve the unattainable! With your game face on, you are constantly looking for newer mountains to climb and harder goals to achieve. (P.S – It is a No-Gas body deodorant for men, so we know you like to be extra specific in your choices)

  1. If you go for HE Hypnotic-

This one is truly a killer! You like to transport everyone around you in a different world with your presence and your fragrance is one of the primary reasons for this transportation!

  1. If you go for HE Icy Collection-

You are one of the cool guys amongst the hot heads; a breath of fresh air in the loo and drop of rain in the summers. You get the idea right? While the entire world is in the race of looking hot, you, on the other hand, want to look cool.

So have you found yourself in the above list? Do your traits match the ones with our product traits? So why wait? Pick your favourite men’s deodorant, which suits you the best and leaves the world mesmerized with your distinctive smell!

Everything you need to know about the best men deodorant

People often make use of a deodorant without understanding the science behind it. Most of the times, they also fail to differentiate between a deodorant and an antiperspirant. Despite the common belief, there are plenty of common differences between a deodorant and antiperspirant. Once we take a look at the differences, you will learn more about deodorants and antiperspirants.

Difference between a men deodorant and an antiperspirant:

A deodorant helps to get rid of the odour under your armpits and other places. They simply do this by breaking down the odour causing bacteria. On the other hand, an antiperspirant helps to reduce the amount of sweating drastically. So if you sweat profusely, ensure to opt for an antiperspirant instead of buying a deodorant made by the best body spray for men in india.

How body odour develops?

Most of the deodorant these days that are manufactured consist of an alcohol base. This forms the perfect base fluid for any scent omitting constituent. Besides that, it also helps to neutralise the bacteria that causes body odour.

A good men deodorant will include the following ingredients:-

  • Water
  • Glycol
  • Oil
  • Fragrance

How do antiperspirants help to reduce sweating?

Antiperspirants are meant to reduce the amount of sweating. This is done by blocking the pores of our skin. One such popular skin ingredient that block skin pores and prevents excessive sweating is aluminium. So ensure to buy a good antiperspirant that does not contain an excess of aluminium.

Today, in the market, you are likely to find a variety of deodorant brands in india that offer a wide variety of fragrances to choose from. You can choose musk, citrus, fougere, Floral, Oriental, Woody and other types of fragrances that suit your skin type. Ensure to opt for a company that is well-known and is known across India for its fragrances.

In case you are unware of the right perfume that suits your skin, research on the internet. You could consider reading the various reviews posted by customers or you can always ask your friends for their experience. You can also consider going to the store and trying a good men deodorant to get a first-hand experience. If you are buying a deodorant, do go with those that offer a variety of fragrances at affordable rates.

Once you try the fragrance, ensure to give it some time to settle on your skin. Make sure to shake the can before spraying it over your body. Do make it a point to hold it a few inches away from your skin. This will give you a better understanding of the deodorant and whether it suits your skin type.

A good way to make your deodorant last long is to apply it right after taking a bath. You can also carry a deodorant along with you in case you need a reapplication. So why not carry a good men deodorant that can boost your confidence and keep you smelling fresh for long hours.

8 things that happen when you use a deodorant

We are aware that men deodorant is meant to make us smell good making us feel fresh. But we do not realize the several other benefits of a deodorant. A deodorant if used the right way can do wonders for you.

Let’s learn about the 8 things that happen when you use a deodorant:

Kills bacteria:

Did you know? Sweat is nearly odourless. Instead, the odour comes from the bacteria. Men deodorant contain antibacterial ingredients to prevent the smell and kill bacteria. This is a great thing that happens when you use a deodorant. Most people are unaware of this function of a deodorant.

Not a sweat stopper:

Deodorants do not stop sweat completely. When your deodorant label reads ‘all day protection’ it only reduces sweat by 20%. Also, it is interesting to know that ‘extra strength’ deodorants are required to cut down sweat by 30%. There isn’t a deodorant that stops sweat, they only reduce the sweat.

Try variants:

Using the same deodorant always does not work to the fullest. Our body grows immune to the deodorant we regularly use. It is necessary to try variants of the same brand as a surprise element to your body. Keep switching deodorants every six months to make sure your deodorant is doing its job.

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Deodorants, fragrances and personalities

Choosing a deodorant is like choosing a LinkedIn profile picture. You want it to be perfect, not too dull, not over the top and yet attract the best professional connections. Well, this is possible only if you choose the best body spray for men in India. Just to help you get there, here’s what different fragrances say about each personality:

Bergamot and grapefruit: Impeccable businessman

The purity of bergamot and the freshness of grapefruit with a slight touch of musk is the fragrance that makes a man look impeccable yet enigmatic. This is clearly for a powerful businessman who is shining in his best attire always, outperforming himself and mysteriously seductive. Men deodorant with this fragrance is for the powerful men.

Aromatic spices and intense woody notes: Gentlemen

A classic fragrance with aromatic spices and intense woody notes is for the charming, elegant and the chivalrous. The man choosing this fragrance is a heart winner and can sweep you off your feet in the best way possible. Only a gentleman will choose this best body deodorant for men in India.

Citrus: Athletic

Citrus fragrances are fun and energetic. This is for the sporty and athletic personalities. The men who are the life of the party and love being the centre of attention will pick body spray brands, India with this fragrance.

Marine: Casual

Marine fragrances are for those who love to be in the water. It is also for the men who are easy going, casual and happy go lucky. The ones who have a style that is casual and effortless shall surely go marine with the deodorant brands in India.

Leather: Silent and Daring

Leather fragrances are for the men who are strong and silent, yet mysterious and daring. The cowboy hat, leather jackets, scuffed boots and a rugged bike is what they thrive on. Leather fragrances are for the gutsy men who won’t walk with the crowd.

Fougère: Outdoors man

Fougère fragrances are green and fern like, reminiscent of a pine forest. The man who chooses a Fougère fragrance is an outdoors man, rugged and full of the country air. He can chop the firewood, create a roaring fire, take a road trip and escape away in a range rover. The outdoor man will hunt for his fragrance among the best body deodorant for men, India.

Earthy: Bold

Earthy scents are for the men who are unique and bold. They can’t help but be as real as they are. They never stop themselves from exploring and taking up a challenge. He is grounded in every sense of the World.

Well, that’s that! The next time you are looking for a deodorant, pick one that depicts your personality and makes you stand out. The best part is you don’t have to wonder how any more, this article is your ready reckoner. If you know anyone who is looking for the perfect deodorant that fits their personality, feel free to guide them to this article.

5 Hygiene Tips for Staying Fresh All Day

There are a number of things that need to be considered to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases. Following personal hygiene practices can take you a long way in keeping illness away; this includes washing and taking other precautionary measures. However, there is more to hygiene than just washing hands. Let’s take a look at five easy ways that can help you not only smell fresh and feel confident but also, get rid of the harmful bacteria.

Clean Up Your Diet

Keeping your body clean from within is equally important as keeping it clean outside. This can be done by eliminating certain food items from your diet.

Avoiding food dishes that contain garlic, onions, chilies, cruciferous vegetables and some types of cheese can be a good way to start off.  As these food items contain aromatic compounds, they are liekly to make your sweat stink.

Shower Daily

Showering daily has been a ritual among many cultures. Taking a shower daily will reduce stress, wash away dirt and leave you smelling and feeling fresh. Take a hot shower bath, use a good soap that can get rid of the bacteria from your skin.

Use Deodorant and Antiperspirant

Most of us often make use of a deodorant or an antiperspirant that helps you stay fresh all day long. Using a good body spray by well-known deodorant brands in India can be useful to reduce the sweating or reduce body odour.

If you sweat profusely, opt for a reputed brand that manufactures antiperspirants. They can be useful to prevent the excessive sweating. On the other hand, a deodorant can be useful for those who are looking to mask body odour with a good fragrance. There are also some products that contain both. Personal preference will dictate which one’s best for you. However, ensure to only opt for the best body deodorant for men in India. Such brands are certified and do not contain harmful chemicals such as benzene, aluminum chlorohydrate, parabens, propylene glycol and triclosan.

Brush and Floss

Daily oral hygiene practices like brushing and flossing will help you keep your breath fresh, gums and teeth healthy. You can also consider brushing your teeth at least two to three times a day. Those of you who want a quick remedy should consider flossing whenever required. You can also use a tongue scraper that can help remove all the bacteria and other residues.

Wear Clean Clothes Every Day

Clothes can be dirty than we could imagine as they contain harmful bacteria and another element that are not seen by our eyes. Besides, sweating also releases a lot of bacteria that can leave you with an odour.

If sweat is a concern, wearing clothes made from cotton, wool will be a good choice. Wearing such clothes will wick your sweat naturally and reduce the growth of bacterial growth that is responsible for causing odour.

You can also consider wearing socks that are made from cotton instead of synthetics. This will ensure that your feet don’t sweat and smell.