Grooming hacks that will impress your crush


This goes without saying. It’s not even a hack, but a simple, basic rule of life. Being hygienic should not be just a short-lived goal but a lifetime commitment. Nobody, not even the person of the same sex, is attracted to someone who is unhygienic. Nobody likes to be around someone whose armpits stinks all the time or someone who flashes of the yellow and dirty teeth. Also, if you think you can hide your habit of not showering every day with a thousand sprays of deodorant, then, my friend, you are wrong. Make a habit of taking a good shower every morning. It will give you a refreshing start. And to have a refreshing day throughout, carry with yourself HE facewash- best facewash for men.

Always remember, a girl always notices a guy who follows good hygiene. Simple changes in your life will help your game up to another level.

Furry Ears and Nostrils

Unless you want to look like a dwarf or a Master Yoda, you must keep cultivating those little Amazon forest growing out from your ears and nostrils. We are sure her nibbling on those ears for a dessert is the last thing you would want to do. Take out some time out your favourite TV show and clean them up. They not only look disgusting but also adds years to your age, making you look quite old. It also makes you appear like a lazy bump who doesn’t care about the finer details of his own body. These things might not matter to you, but trust me, it matters to her. Do it for your crush at least. Trimming will give your face a gentle look, and achieve a gentler look, always carry HE facewash- best facewash for men along with you.

Keep Nails Short and Clean

Overgrown nails are not just unattractive, they can be dangerous too. You don’t want them to leave scars of any sort on her body. Nails are also a sign of being unhygienic, something you wouldn’t want to come across as on your date. Your nails shouldn’t be longer than hers, and definitely shouldn’t be full of dirt. Make sure you go for a regular routine of manicure and pedicure.Overgrown nails are on par with hairy nostrils and ears, so you must get rid of them right away.

Beautify Your Beard

Beards can enhance your appearance to another level. It’s an undeniable fact; the whole world knows it. If you agree with this then must make sure your beard is nothing less than brilliant.

Be it long and dense or a classic five o’clock shadow, ensure that your beard compliments the structure of your face and gives it the love it deserves. You’ll find a wide range of beard care products from softening oils and lotions to combs and more online. Another way to keep your beard healthy is by keeping it dust-free, and for that, HE facewash- the best facewash in India will be a big help.


Cracked lips or dry skin or both are such a turn-off. It gives an image of how non-careful you are with respect to your personal maintenance. And such attitude is a big no for women. So, the next you are going out with her, make sure to fully moisturize your body.While you keep these tips in mind, don’t forget to carry HE facewash- the best facewash for men all the time as it will keep your freshness intact throughout the day. Follow these steps and make this New Year your year.




With Valentine’s Day peeking around the corner, it’s time to spruce up and charm your woman right off her feet. You should be doing it every other day too but this is a special occasion and so we thought of bringing forward 8 Simple Ways for Men to be Irresistibly Charming.


1. Face Time
Nah, not that face time. We mean, it’s time you took a close look at your face. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face for a fresh, clean look. Believe us, no woman likes to look at an oily face. Add a cheerful smile to your face and voila! You’re all set to impress.


2. Go Grey
If you have grey hair don’t feel shy or embarrassed about it. Grey hair can actually let the woman know that you’re comfortable with yourself. Grey hair is an element women find attractive and honest. Think George Clooney or Milind Soman and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

3. Smell Great
Body odour is something women detest. Make sure you wear a good fragrance of perfume or perfumed body spray. It will not just stop body odour but will also boost your confidence with its aromatic, soothing notes. You can try out the Hrithik HE deodorant range which covers several personality themes. We suggest HE perfumed body spray ‘Respect’ that emphasizes the gentleman spirit. You can visit the HE deodorant website for more fragrance options. So spritz some HE body spray on and charm your way on.

Smell Great

4. Wear Clothes that Fit
This is a no-brainer, really. Opt for clothing that suits the occasion and you. A well-fitted shirt and trouser or jeans is the key to turn on the charm. Make sure you wear prints that suit your height and body structure for the best effect.

5. Shave but not much
A clean shave takes it too far, yet a basic shave leaving a little stubble is something most women seem to like. Remember, a day’s stubble gives off an edgy, manly look but do not grow your beard longer than that, at least for now.

6. Stay Fit
According to a study, most women go for a well-built body – not a muscular one nor a thin body. A lean, toned body is what women are charmed by. Exercise daily, pack in routines that suit your body and remain fit. Remember to carry along your HE deodorant to stay fresh and smell good even after your workout.

7. Communication & Humour
Women love it when a man expresses himself confidently and clearly. A dash of humour spices things up and women love a good laugh. Tickle her funny bone with some of your hilarious mis-adventures and experiences – it makes for a great way to bond.

8. Wear your Confidence & Smile
Nothing spells charm more eloquently than a good confident walk, posture, gestures and speech aided with a genuine smile. So wear your confidence proudly and smile as you look into her eyes for maximum impact.

Along with the above you need to respect the woman you are with. Treat her well, listen to her carefully, and be a support she can always count on. Basic good manners, sensitivity to little things, and kindness too go a long way in charming a woman – but it should all be from the heart and not just some items on a to-do list to be checked off. Follow the above 8 Ways to be Irresistibly Charming and let us know how it worked out for you!

5 Hygiene Tips for Staying Fresh All Day

There are a number of things that need to be considered to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases. Following personal hygiene practices can take you a long way in keeping illness away; this includes washing and taking other precautionary measures. However, there is more to hygiene than just washing hands. Let’s take a look at five easy ways that can help you not only smell fresh and feel confident but also, get rid of the harmful bacteria.

Clean Up Your Diet

Keeping your body clean from within is equally important as keeping it clean outside. This can be done by eliminating certain food items from your diet.

Avoiding food dishes that contain garlic, onions, chilies, cruciferous vegetables and some types of cheese can be a good way to start off.  As these food items contain aromatic compounds, they are liekly to make your sweat stink.

Shower Daily

Showering daily has been a ritual among many cultures. Taking a shower daily will reduce stress, wash away dirt and leave you smelling and feeling fresh. Take a hot shower bath, use a good soap that can get rid of the bacteria from your skin.

Use Deodorant and Antiperspirant

Most of us often make use of a deodorant or an antiperspirant that helps you stay fresh all day long. Using a good body spray by well-known deodorant brands in India can be useful to reduce the sweating or reduce body odour.

If you sweat profusely, opt for a reputed brand that manufactures antiperspirants. They can be useful to prevent the excessive sweating. On the other hand, a deodorant can be useful for those who are looking to mask body odour with a good fragrance. There are also some products that contain both. Personal preference will dictate which one’s best for you. However, ensure to only opt for the best body deodorant for men in India. Such brands are certified and do not contain harmful chemicals such as benzene, aluminum chlorohydrate, parabens, propylene glycol and triclosan.

Brush and Floss

Daily oral hygiene practices like brushing and flossing will help you keep your breath fresh, gums and teeth healthy. You can also consider brushing your teeth at least two to three times a day. Those of you who want a quick remedy should consider flossing whenever required. You can also use a tongue scraper that can help remove all the bacteria and other residues.

Wear Clean Clothes Every Day

Clothes can be dirty than we could imagine as they contain harmful bacteria and another element that are not seen by our eyes. Besides, sweating also releases a lot of bacteria that can leave you with an odour.

If sweat is a concern, wearing clothes made from cotton, wool will be a good choice. Wearing such clothes will wick your sweat naturally and reduce the growth of bacterial growth that is responsible for causing odour.

You can also consider wearing socks that are made from cotton instead of synthetics. This will ensure that your feet don’t sweat and smell.

5 types of men that women avoid

Every woman has a type; some like muscular men, some like the witty and skinny ones, some like caring and some, sportsmen! But there is always a category that most women avoid. People that are irritating, arguably irksome and worth disqualifying from every woman’s attraction list! You clearly don’t want to be one of these! Take a good look and if you find these habits in you, change them right away!

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6 things men dont say - HE Deo

6 things men want but dont say

Men regularly don’t let out their internal feeling effectively. Ladies think about these things yet at the same time act imbecilic now and again. How about we discuss the things men need from you yet will never let you know.

Infrequently, reality harms, and the fact of the matter is, there are a few things your beau needs to let you know yet doesn’t on the grounds that he thinks about you and wouldn’t like to offend you. He wears a deodorant hoping you would like it.

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What Men’s Shoes Say About Their Dating Personalities

What Men’s Shoes Say About Their Dating Personalities

Climbing or development shoes or Timberland’s.

He’s a diligent employee. He likely has some really great muscles underneath those pants and that cotton shirt. He is dynamic and somewhat courageous and will probably like a refined that, as well.

He gathers tennis shoes. One heck of a tennis shoes. Ones that will be worth something sometime in the future, for example, the first Air Jordan’s. It’s a sign that he is into games and you ought to hope to make space for his bobble heads in the event that you wind up shacking up.

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