Best sunglasses for men


Say hello to this summer with some of the trendiest men’s sunglasses which are a versatile bunch and quite the head turners. These pairs of cool shades can upgrade any guy’s look and give you serious style points.

You probably have one or two pairs of classic Wayfarers laying around already. But this time of the year is the perfect moment to up your game with some of new, fresh and bold frames!

In this top 10+, Vint & York will show you what are & how to pull off the biggest sunglasses trends of 2018. Time to turn your new specs into an essential “backbone” piece of your wardrobe!


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Metal has become almost as versatile as acetate frames.  And the metal frames upgrade the look to a steampunk, less bookish one.


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One of the biggest trends you can get your hands on is the comeback of metal frames and clip-on sunglasses. They have made a huge come back from retro styles to current fashion style. Men enjoy the slim lines and lightweight feel of metal frames versus acetate ones.

Imagine having a high-quality clip-on sunglasses in your life. You get the best of both worlds: sunglasses and eyeglasses. And just imagine the gif potential for Instagram!

Clip-ons are once again in style and you might as well get in on the ride before everybody else will. With a hint of the vintage look, this ingenious approach will help you see the light of day much better. They can quickly transform from sunglasses to eyeglasses, by removing the clip-on.

The Firm is a pair of clip-on sunglasses more aggressively styled than other sunglasses. This style is straight up business. With thin frames, they are similar in shape to an aviator.

This pair won’t overwhelm your face while giving you the UV protection you need on a sunny day. Inspired by steampunk goggles, their cool factor comes from a slim frame silhouette. The floating bridge adds subtle whimsy to the polished shape of the frame. You can pair your look with the long-lasting deodorant for men in India to complete the attire.

Fits: Medium-to-Wide Fit. Perfect for rounder faces. The angular straight lines will bring definition to your features and sharpen a big head or a wide face.


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The retro-inspired accessory that has literally come full circle. Round sunglasses are making a serious comeback this spring. They have metal shapes nodding to the ‘70s, and smaller-framed styles channelling the ‘90s grunge look. The original hipster sunglasses, round frames make you think about John Lennon.

Fits: Narrow to Medium face. Designed to make you stand out of the crowd, round frames are ideal for men who have narrow, square or angular features.

These bad boys are more than that! Deriving heavily from the 1920’s vintage style, Vint & York’s The Swinger frame has faux leather trim and simple wire rims. That makes wearing these sunglasses an act of simple rebellion against unnecessary opulence.


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Once the reserve of oily teddy boys, the D-shape frame is making a comeback. The style is becoming more and more popular thanks to their futuristic feel and masculine character. D-shape sunglasses are identified by their angular oversized look and they are most flattering on gentlemen with rounder faces. Pair the amazing shades with the long-lasting deodorant for men in India to complete your outfit for the day.


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Aviator sunglasses never go out of style because they never leave the fashion scene. This style is perfect for adding that chill, cool edge to a simple outfit. That’s because they’re sporty and classic. The aviator shape has gone through some changes over time. In 2018, you will see the rise of the modern oversized aviator. A fusion between the classic style and a bigger, they give a more masculine, sturdy approach. Even though they still preserve the classic teardrop shape of the lens, they’re a little bit big and large. That makes them stand out from the classic aviator shape. They are a staple for any eyewear collection and are effortlessly casual. The double-bar bridge of The Swag and metal accent adds a flair of refinement. That says you mean business. There’s no better choice for spring!



The modern version of the club masters includes a more prominent brown line.

Thicker and manlier, the Bowery is a retro-inspired semi-rimless frame. With square lenses and heavy browline, this pair looks much like a square club master.

This pair sits bolder than your regular club masters and underlines the retro influences that drive you.  A twist on a classic shape! This way, you won’t be wearing the exact same thing everyone else is. Flat top and square, they are a throwback with a contemporary twist. They are sleeker than they ever looked in the ’80s or ’90s. Add a bottle of the best men’s deodorant to carry the look like a pro.Fit: Medium Fit. Perfect for triangle shaped faces, with defined jawlines.So get set go with the best pair of sunglasses and the best men’s deodorant to ace your look.

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Six morning rituals you must follow


Everyone has a morning routine, whether they realize it or not. Some have specifically designed, personal and empowering morning rituals. Others, however, may have gotten into the habit of snoozing their alarms repeatedly before dragging themselves out of bed, throwing on some clothes, and barely grabbing a glass of fresh fruit juice on their way out the door. These things may sound familiar and you may not be a stranger to stealing five or ten more minutes to sleep, which may end making you late. In this process you may often forget to give yourself the time to get ready properly.

So here are six morning rituals you must follow before you step –

Deep clean your face

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It is important to massage your face with an extremely high-quality face wash to get an instantly brighter skin. Considering the morning time crunch, you can do this while in the shower. Use a cleanser that also has exfoliation properties along with 2 percent salicylic acid. It helps you remove dirt and grime from your face, and will also make a perfect canvas for the morning shave. Moreover, for an instantaneous clearer skin, wash your face with cold water. Also you could pick out some of the best fragrances for men in advance to be ready for the day.

Eat a healthy breakfast

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Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, and one could not be more right! The morning meal sets up your energy for hours until you refuel yourself with a power-packed lunch. A healthy, power breakfast is a combination of proteins with low-burn carbs. A few good options could be oats with fruits and yoghurt or milk, eggs with brown bread toast and some flash-fried chicken. You could even try blending some fresh fruits with milk and a dash of protein powder if you are running low on time.

Treat the skin under your eyes with the help of cold spoons


It may sound like an old grandmother’s tale, but it is a trick that definitely works.  A tiring day is almost always followed by a morning with a headache and panda eyes. While a cold shower and good breakfast will help the former, the latter can be dealt by using cold, refrigerated metal spoons onto your under eyes for around 30 seconds. You will see an instant puff-reduction.

Get your clothes ready in advance


It may sound odd but to decide your outfit in advance is actually helpful. You should do this at night as deciding the next day’s outfit is time-consuming and at times tricky. It is not necessary that you coordinate your clothes with colours but the overall appearance and presentability really matters. Make sure you wear crease free and fresh, clean clothes. Smelly clothes would most probably land you in trouble and give an impression that you do not want people to have. Simply put some of the best smelling deodorant for men in India and you will be good to go.

Dance it out!

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Ideally, fitting in a cardio exercise routine along with pushups in the morning is the way to go. But if you do not get the time to exercise in the morning, put on some groovy music and dance your way out while getting ready. You will get an amazing boost to your day and mood. This will also get your blood flow faster through your veins and into your skin. That will give you some colour and make you feel instantly alive. However, do remember to use one of the best smelling deodorant for men in India before you step out for the day.

End it with a moisturizer

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A standard procedure — use a moisturizer after a shower, which brightens up dull skin and will make you look groomed. Using moisturizers is helpful in keeping your skin healthy as you age and just for a short period of time. Also, use an oil-free moisturizer in case of an oily or acne-prone skin. Combine with a cream that has SPF properties and no one can stop you from putting your best face forward. You can top it off with one of the best fragrances for men and step out in style.

Hence, an addition of these few pointers in your morning rituals could definitely help you rejuvenate and look your best throughout the day. After all a proper morning routine has a tremendous impact on your attitude, your day-to-day life, and your overall health. Starting the day out right, in whatever way works best for you and your needs, can make all the difference. At the end of the day you will be glad you followed this and saved yourself from the morning hustle at home.

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Want to Look Taller, Here are Some Fashion Tips You Can Try



Prince, Lil Wayne, Robin Williams, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charlie Chaplin, Martin Scorsese and so many others all fall into the short men shortlist. But as we’ve all witnessed, this did nothing to impede their numerous achievements or impact the revolutionizing effect they’ve had on our lives. They didn’t let being short get in the way.

And neither should you. At least when it comes to style. Being short doesn’t condemn you to looking short. Your height has a lot to do with perception. With the right wardrobe, you can create the illusion of being tall. They’re easy to do and would only take you some digging into the depth of your closet, a romp at your nearest shopping mall, and some heartfelt goodbyes to some pieces of clothing.

Below are some style tips to help you look taller than you are.



The length of the arms is closely related to the perception of height. This means, the cuff of your shirt will need to be altered. The ideal proportion of shirt cuff show for short men is 1/4 inch under your blazer. Showing more than the recommended amount puts your arms in danger of looking shorter.

Loose fitting shirts and tees are a strict no-no for short men! They emphasize the petite frame, creating a sloppy mess that screams “too small to find anything that fits!” Slim or fitted shirts help narrow the torso.

The general perception is that vertical stripes have a slimming effect while horizontal stripes are widening. Bid your adieus to all those shirts with horizontal patterns; they make the eye of the observer want to follow them naturally out to the sides of your body, making you look wider. The best way to create an impression of height without looking like you’re trying too hard is by stocking up on unbroken vertical stripes. Hey and don’t forget to give your face a wash with HE facewash—the best facewash for men—before running out the door.

Low Contrast or Monochrome Color


One word: Streamline! Let the eyes of onlookers travel up and down your body seamlessly.

When it comes to color, try these approaches.

  1. Stay in the same color family. It helps create a streamlined look that offers an elongating effect.
  2. Ensure that the contrasting color is on top. This draws the eyes up.

With eyes drawn up, you may want to keep your face looking fresh and well groomed. Shave regularly and wash off with HE facewash—the best facewash in India.

Streamlined Layering


It is essential that all short men learn the art of layering. Layering offers a slimming and lengthening effect by working the colors inward.Wear a dark jacket over a light colored shirt. The lighter piece creates a vertical line that’s more enhanced, visually extending your upper body. However, take care to stay miles away from jackets that hang loosely in the armpits.For a more svelte slimming effect, add one more layer; throw on a jacket over a vest that layers over a shirt. If done right, the shirt and jacket will deftly shape the narrow V of the vest, thus, adding a vertical line contrast.With so many layers of clothing, it’s bound to get sweaty. Stay looking neat and feeling cool with HE facewash—the best facewash for men.

Trouser Fit


Trousers are the most crucial aspect of creating an illusion of tallness. Because you wear them on your legs, they are essential in creating length. It’s safer to stick to medium or high-rise pants. Never drop the crotch in your pants. This, and tucking in your shirt into a pair of low-rise pants make your torso looks longer. It cuts your body in half, shortening your legs.Trouser break is the amount of fabric that covers the shoe. Keep little to no break on your trousers. If you choose to have a break, keep it 1/4 inch.A lot of fabric settling at your ankle can make the leg can look stumpy. The bagginess creates the “kid in his father’s suit” look.You may also want to refrain from styles like rolling, cuffing and stacking.

Low-Contrast Footwear

Shoes play an important role in giving you a lengthened look. The trick to achieving this effect is by ensuring your shoes don’t contrast too drastically with your trousers. You can visually elongate your legs by maintaining a low-contrast look. For instance, avoid white sneakers when wearing black denim. Matching sneakers with your denim or at least keeping them in the same palate is a superb option.

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Grooming hacks that will impress your crush


This goes without saying. It’s not even a hack, but a simple, basic rule of life. Being hygienic should not be just a short-lived goal but a lifetime commitment. Nobody, not even the person of the same sex, is attracted to someone who is unhygienic. Nobody likes to be around someone whose armpits stinks all the time or someone who flashes of the yellow and dirty teeth. Also, if you think you can hide your habit of not showering every day with a thousand sprays of deodorant, then, my friend, you are wrong. Make a habit of taking a good shower every morning. It will give you a refreshing start. And to have a refreshing day throughout, carry with yourself HE facewash- best facewash for men.

Always remember, a girl always notices a guy who follows good hygiene. Simple changes in your life will help your game up to another level.

Furry Ears and Nostrils

Unless you want to look like a dwarf or a Master Yoda, you must keep cultivating those little Amazon forest growing out from your ears and nostrils. We are sure her nibbling on those ears for a dessert is the last thing you would want to do. Take out some time out your favourite TV show and clean them up. They not only look disgusting but also adds years to your age, making you look quite old. It also makes you appear like a lazy bump who doesn’t care about the finer details of his own body. These things might not matter to you, but trust me, it matters to her. Do it for your crush at least. Trimming will give your face a gentle look, and achieve a gentler look, always carry HE facewash- best facewash for men along with you.

Keep Nails Short and Clean

Overgrown nails are not just unattractive, they can be dangerous too. You don’t want them to leave scars of any sort on her body. Nails are also a sign of being unhygienic, something you wouldn’t want to come across as on your date. Your nails shouldn’t be longer than hers, and definitely shouldn’t be full of dirt. Make sure you go for a regular routine of manicure and pedicure.Overgrown nails are on par with hairy nostrils and ears, so you must get rid of them right away.

Beautify Your Beard

Beards can enhance your appearance to another level. It’s an undeniable fact; the whole world knows it. If you agree with this then must make sure your beard is nothing less than brilliant.

Be it long and dense or a classic five o’clock shadow, ensure that your beard compliments the structure of your face and gives it the love it deserves. You’ll find a wide range of beard care products from softening oils and lotions to combs and more online. Another way to keep your beard healthy is by keeping it dust-free, and for that, HE facewash- the best facewash in India will be a big help.


Cracked lips or dry skin or both are such a turn-off. It gives an image of how non-careful you are with respect to your personal maintenance. And such attitude is a big no for women. So, the next you are going out with her, make sure to fully moisturize your body.While you keep these tips in mind, don’t forget to carry HE facewash- the best facewash for men all the time as it will keep your freshness intact throughout the day. Follow these steps and make this New Year your year.


Dressing Mistakes That Are Keeping You From Looking Perfect

Image result for Dressing Mistakes That Are Keeping You From Looking Perfect men


It is said that men unknowingly commit a lot of fashion mistakes on a daily basis and that can make a huge impact on their overall personality. From baggy jeans, not applying HE Deodorant – men’s body spray before stepping out of home, to tucking your t-shirts, the list is long. Here is the list of some of these mistakes men commit:


  1. Baggy Jeans (or skinny jeans)

Image result for Baggy Jeans

A piece of advice for all the human beings out there who think their style is unique: throw away the baggy stuff in the trash immediately. It goes for all the skinny men who don’t want to appear giant unnecessarily. You just can’t wear them in public because of three reason: it looks bigger, it looks broader and it doesn’t compliment your bones in any way whatsoever. Similarly, if you have big, heavy legs, skinny jeans are a strict No! Go with a straight-fitted jeans so that your look overshowes your leg muscles.

  1. Horizontally-Striped t-shirtsImage result for Horizontally-Striped t-shirts

Your eyes function in a particular direction i.e. from left to right. So, if you are pulling off that old, horizontal-lined t-shirt, the viewers are going to see it from left to right. The result: You are going to appear broader and bigger. So, avoid wearing such t-shirts when going out for a social gathering. Instead, wear a vertically stripped tee and not to mention, HE Deodorant- men’s body spray to look good and fresh. Rugby strips are spiffy, so if you’re willing to take the risk, go for it.

  1. Tucking in your t-shirtImage result for Tucking in your t-shirt

Unless you are going for a meeting or attending any formal occasion, tucking in your t-shirt is not advisable by various style gurus. Why? Because doing that will highlight all your problem areas such as the stomach area and glorifying the areas around. Besides, it will also make you feel uncomfortable and rigid. Go for a semi-casual look wear plain t-shirts with dark colours as it fits both casual and formal occasions. Wear a good deodorant such as HE – Men’s best perfume to feel fresh and confident.

  1. Ill-fitted suitImage result for Ill-fitted suit

Whether you are a corporate giant or a college student, nothing should hold you back from buying a well-fitted suit for yourself. If your sleeves are covering your hands entirely or if your trousers look like your dad’s, it’s high time you visit a tailor right away and get things in shape. The entire idea of wearing a suit is to represent the best version of yourself. So, why let the bulk be covered on your body.

  1. Wearing too many coloursImage result for Wearing too many colours

Glowing up your body with too many colours is, hands down, not the best idea. This is because when you break your body with tons of colours, you are bringing focus on every part of the instead of highlighting the best features. What to do then? Break your body into two halves—top and bottom. Find out which colour coordinates and treats each other well and cover the two halves accordingly, that way the complimenting colours represent your appearance.

  1. All Black OutfitsImage result for All Black Outfits

We get it, you are one of those dark, super-emotional person who listens to different songs and talks about metaphysics. But, this doesn’t mean you reflect the nature on your appearance. All black outfits may look sleek but not always do they help you stand out sometimes you can get left out even after exuding utter confidence. You should try to keep things simple and effortless but also make an effort to mix it up.


Make sure whenever you are dressing up, you avoid doing these mistakes. Also remember to put on a good deodorant such as HE – Men’s best perfume to appear confident and fresh all the time. Smelling good is the first step towards physical excellence.

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5 Daily Habits To Follow To Get Great Skin

Skin neglection and avoidance of its well-being can ruin the skin and body as a whole. The aftereffects of it show up in the later stage of the life. But, if you take proper care of it and follow basic tips on a daily basis, these effects can be reversed. Basic things such as washing your face with HE facewash – the best men’s face wash for oily skin or applying a night cream at night, you can too have a great skin. So, wait no more! Follow the steps below:

  1. Drink plenty of waterImage result for Drink plenty of water

You must have heard of this a million times. This is because no matter what products or remedy you use for your skin, drinking water always tops the list. This is because water keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized. Besides, it removes all the toxins from your skin and cleanses it thoroughly. You can also use fresh water and HE facewash – the best men’s face wash for oily skin to wash your skin thoroughly. Make a habit of drinking 6-8 glasses of water.

  1. Use a face scrub that suits your face typeImage result for Use a face scrub face type men

For every skin type, there is a corresponding scrub for it. Using the appropriate face scrub and you’ll get a clearer and brighter skin. If you have a dry skin, go for scrubs enriched with honey and turmeric as they will cleanse your skin along with moisturizing it. For oily skin, opt for products having lemon as they will remove extra oil, giving healthy skin. Using Aloe Vera gel is suitable for all skin types for glowing skin. Make sure to wash you face with and HE facewash for men post scrub.

  1. Use a sunscreen when stepping out in SunImage result for Use a sunscreen when stepping out in Sun men

Indian weather is harsh on the skin. The humidity and heat can cause skin to get dull and damaged. And this is why it is essential to use a good sunscreen 30 minutes before stepping out of home. This will ensure safety to your skin from damages by UV rays. Avoid being in sun for too long and even if you do, reapply sunscreen after every few hours.

  1. Have enough sleepImage result for Have enough sleep

Lack of sleep can home in dark circles around your eyes, affecting your appearance big time. For skin and other heath purposes, it is recommended you sleep a minimum of 7 hours every day. This is because while you sleep, your body utilizes the time in repairing your skin. And when you fail to do so, the repairing process is hindered. You can also apply a good-quality night cream to heal your skin from within.  In the morning, wash it off with HE facewash for men

  1. Being lazy and not working outImage result for Being lazy and not working out

No, we are not asking you to go to the gym every day and work your guts out. We are simply advising you to engage yourself in some physical activities. It can be as small as jogging for 15 minutes every day or walking to the gym or climbing stairs. The reason we insist you on doing this is that sweat helps you open up the pores of the skin, flushing out cellular debris and cleaning the skin from the within. This will result in deep cleansing of skin and give it a long-lasting cleanliness.

Skin maintenance is not a rocket science, but yes, it does require extra attention and nourishment if you wish to reach your skin goals. While there are a lot of products out there that can help you with it, you need to have the right combination of it, coupled with good lifestyle, to get the skin you deserve.


Pre-date grooming routine for men

Image result for Pre-date grooming routine for men

Getting ready for a date can be tiring and time-demanding. But, it is also something you can’t neglect. You look makes the first impression on your date, after which things, sort of, develop. So, you need to make sure you nail it with your look. From choosing the right facewash such as HE facewash-men’s facewash to finding the right pair of shoes, there are a lot of things you need to consider. And this is where we step in. With these simple tips, get ready to shine on your date.

Image result for Face



Let’s start with hair. It is any day good to use a hair spray or any other hair products. It helps to keep your hair in place and well-maintained throughout, but you shouldn’t also go overboard with it. While running her fingers through your hair, she shouldn’t feel sticky or uncomfortable. Keep your hair well-coiffed. Eyebrow is another thing that should be taken care off. If it’s going out of place, trim it down or get it waxed. Needless to say, but avoid unibrows. Coming to beard, if you can pull off the stumble, then nothing better, but in case you are unsure, you better shave. Wash your face with HE facewash-men’s facewash to keep your skin glowing and fresh throughout.  And above all, don’t ignore your teeth. Flossing is the best option. It not only keeps your teeth bright, but also gives you good breath.

Image result for Pre-date grooming routine for men


If you’ve spent the entire day bing-watching your favourite TV show and didn’t sweat much, it doesn’t mean you will still be fresh. You still need to take a full-on shower before going for the date. Use a good shower gel and a good facewash such as HE facewash- best face wash for men dry skin to get rid of body odour and face tiredness respectively. You have to make sure you smell fresh and clean. Another thing you have to make sure is that you don’t go on the date with untrimmed or badly chewed nails. Believe it not, girls notice your nails and they care about their maintenance. Getting a manicure before date is also a great option for this.

Image result for Pre-date grooming routine for men

Dress Up

This is the trickiest thing of all where a lot of men fail to impress. You might be good at pulling off an olive-green-coloured pair of shorts or a deep-neck-white T-shirt, but this is something she might not get impressed with. Although it goes against the saying “the best outfit is one in which you feel comfortable the most’’, but you just can’t go on a date in your pyjamas right? Wear according to the occasion. If you are going to a lively club, then it is recommended to wear Jeans and t-shirt with a blazer. In case it is a formal setup, then you should dress up in semi-formal, probably in a blazer, shirt and a good pair of jeans. Don’t overdo it as it can make you look fake and desperate.

Image result for Shoes men dating


Your shoes must be polished for the date. Women’s first look always go down to shoes first when they are out with you on a date. The type of shoes you wear tell a lot about a man’s personality. If you are planning on going casual, then you should wear something more stylish than just a pair of sneakers. You can go for Derby shoes and loafers instead? Try to keep it simple and minimalistic. Women prefer men who are not overbearing and in your face.Make sure you look fresh, active and confident. For this, you can use HE facewash- best face wash for men dry skin. Put a good cologne, wear suitable clothes and you are all set for a great night.


Six things to do before you turn 30

discover-the-beauty-of-trekkingWhen you cross 30s, life becomes complicated. You get committed to job which means your personal life gets compromised. Your body physically ages and not to mention your memory begins to decline too. So, 20s is the best age period where you can make the most out of it. In case you’re wondering what to do, refer to the six things to do before you turn 30 listed below. And if you wish to make this experience fresher, it is advisable to carry your grooming kit that contains face wash, moisturizer and deodorant, preferably HE Deodorant- men’s best perfume.

  1. Try a new sportMichael Phelps

If you haven’t tried out any different and unconventional sports, then you’re in your prime time for trying something new. Discovering a new ability is one of the most confidence-boosting and exhilarating things you can do—more when it’s a healthy activity.  Besides, if you introduce yourself to a new sport, you’re likely to open up to a whole new world and new people—be it teammates, trainers, or people who you randomly bump into. Keep yourself refreshed with HE deodorant- the best men’s deodorant for men while trying new sports out.

  1. Do something that scares youscaredofheights-feature.jpg

Fear is all about overcoming it, no matter what you age be. You should overcome things that scar you every day. Whether that takes climbing heights or going scuba diving, overcoming your fears is always a good thing. But as we age, we have more to protect, and hence the fear mounts. If anything scares you at 25, do it. Do it because you can and it will make you stronger. When you’re older, easy activities might scare you, but at least then you’ll have these memories to look back on.

  1. Travel Alone

It might sound dauntingdownload at first, but this could be the most liberating experience for you. You can map out your plan and act accordingly. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, on your own terms, without being accountable to anyone else. You’ll get to challenge yourself in different ways, something you wouldn’t be able to do with a partner. You will meet new people, and will have more confidence in yourself. With fewer responsibilities, your 20s are a time a travel, because things don’t remain the same later on in life. Make sure you carry HE deodorant-men’s best perfume to add to the freshness of the trip

  1. Learn a music instrument

No one is musically adept. By the time you surpass adolescence, you’ve probably triGettyImages-536986869-576a0ea73df78ca6e4c8395ced hands on at least one instrument in life. And many of you must have discontinued it midway. Maybe it didn’t work out then, but it doesn’t mean it can’t now. Learning a music instrument definitely makes it to the list, the reason being its connecting factor between brain and your spirits. Also, you’ll be the centre of attraction at parties where you can charm people with your harmonic skills.

  1. Improve your wine knowledge

If you drink, then you can hawine-tasting-glasses-blog-0.jpgve the longest relationship in life with wine. You can get great exposure to vintners, wineries, sommeliers, and wine-world insiders. When you actually soak up a lot of wine knowledge, your each and every meal gets better. Consuming wine is just not about getting a buzz, but appreciating the flavours of what you’re eating and drinking more. So, drink wine and know things!


  1. Move to a new cityshutterstock_117016657-300x297

This is something not many people dare to do. But, those who do, they are amazed by the experience of it. Everything’s new: your address, your colleagues, your habits, favourite restaurants, your friends, everything. You get habituated to new things and a parallel life, different from the usual one. Moving to your dream city is a must in your 20s because once you settle down, this option becomes far difficult than you can imagine.

So, as you know, it’s never too late if you wish to do anything. These six things will bring a change in your life and you will wish to never grow old in life. Never forgot to stay refreshed with  for men while you are at it.

Monsoons fashion don’ts for men

The key insight into monsoon fashion is to find clothes which both look good on you and are moisture-friendly. The downpour of rainfall is quite unexpected, so it’s always a good sign to be prepared and dressed accordingly. There is a common misconception amongst people that either you can pick comfort clothing for monsoon or look good, but this is not true! Fashion experts say that light and minimal are the key words to remember for this season which will also help you make a style statement. So without any further delay, let us give you some essential tips on monsoon fashion don’ts for men:

  1. Keep your gloomy colours aside for another season
    Monsoon season is characterized by weather that is both lazy and gloomy. So why wear clothes featuring dark shades like black and grey, which add to the gloominess of your surroundings? Instead, wear clothes that sport bright colors like blue, red, orange, and more. These clothes will make you stand out in the dull weather, making you instantly visible. Also, avoid wearing whites till the time it stops raining. White clothes not only get stained easily with all the muck of the monsoon, they also tend to become transparent when they get wet.
  2. Avoid wearing expensive watches
    Wearing a wrist watch makes a right impression, be it while attending classes in your school, college, at work, in parties, or during those casual outings with friends and family. Watches can range from being fairly pricey to outrageously expensive. Moisture is the biggest destroyer of timepieces as it damages a watch from the inside and stops it from ticking. Now, a lot of watches are water resistant, but that doesn’t mean they are completely waterproof. As timepieces get old, the gasket seals that keep moisture out, deteriorate, making them more prone to damage by water. To prevent your expensive watch from getting damaged due to moisture, avoid wearing them in the rain altogether. If the occasion demands that you wear one, ensure that it isn’t exposed to water for long.
  3. Carry a perfume or men’s body spray in your bag, always!
    Rains do provide a respite from the sweltering heat of April-May, but the climate in our country during the monsoon can be humid. Also, often when it doesn’t rain, the weather tends to be damp and muggy, and it can make you perspire like crazy. Sweating leads to body odour, which can be quite off-putting to those in your vicinity. The solution to this problem is as simple as getting a good quality fragrance or body spray for men. It will boost your confidence since it is common knowledge that the aroma radiating your body has the power to make or break you. While choosing a fragrance, consider a chypre, aromatic, citrusy, woody, or an oriental scent. If you wish to opt for a men’s body spray, get the ones that contain aluminium or zinc as they prevent bacteria from multiplying on your skin faster.
  4. Avoid layering of clothes, go simple

Getting drenched in monsoon is fun. After all, who doesn’t love the feeling of rain lashing against your face and body? Unfortunately, often after getting drenched, you may end up catching a cold. Wearing several layers of clothes during sickness provides comfort against cold. But you should also keep in mind that it will take quite some time for your clothes to dry off, if they get wet while you are out on the road. If you stay in your wet clothes, your sickness is guaranteed to get even worse. To prevent this, avoid layering clothes in monsoons.

  1. Pick out only monsoon-friendly materials
    You can also prevent yourself from falling sick after getting drenched by wearing clothes that are made up of quick-drying materials like cotton and linen. Although materials like nylon and polyester repel water, they don’t dry off quickly either. Also, these synthetics will cling to your body when it’s humid, making your really uncomfortable.

This season is one of the best seasons one can ever imagine. It’s the season to step out and go for an adventure. Climb the mountains, cross rivers, take impromptu road trips. Don’t let something hold you back. Take a walk in the rain, even if you get wet, these tips as well as your body spray for men will have you covered.

Eight breath-taking treks to opt this monsoon

While many trekking routes are closed for trekking during monsoon due to high risks, there are still a few places that a trekker can opt in the monsoon. If you are an enthusiast and enjoy trekking, then these eight treks will amaze you with its beauty.

  1. Sinhagad fort

Located just thirty kilometres from Pune, Sinhanad fort is one of the famous and prominent spots for trekkers across the country. Known for the habitation of Maratha warriors at the time of Sinhanad battle, this place wonders you not only with its captivating views, but also the historical references. During monsoon, you can experience and enjoy sunrise and sunset from the fort. While this trek can be tiring and sweaty, you can still keep yourself fresh and energetic with HE deodorant- best deodorant in India

Sinhagad fort

  1. Roopkund Lake

Also known as the mystery lake, Roopkand Lake, located in Uttarakhand, is one of the favourite destinations for trekkers. In the course of the trek, you will experience magnificent sights of meadows, lush forests, sparkling lakes and other nature’s wonders. You will amazed to discover the frozen lakes and several human skeletons around it. This trek, starting from Lohakunj, demands for a tireless and unflagging spirit.

  1. Valley of Flowers

The second core zone of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, Valley of flowers is present in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Situated in Western Himalayas, this site requires an indefatigable trek. During monsoon, the valley is all layered with hued and beautiful forests, making it a treat to watch for the visitors.  En route destination, you will be gripped and entranced by the nature’s beauty.

  1. Tarsar Marsar

It is believed that Tarsar Marsar is one of the most beautiful treks in the country. This trek provides you with stunning experience of alpine lakes and luxurious meadows. It also offers a different and unique experience every day. It keeps your mind wondering of the forthcoming. One day it will surrender you with its fresh water, flowing musically down the ledges and the other day you will be spellbound by the enormous lakes amidst mountains. This trek will guarantee you a glimpse of a paradise


  1. Hampta Pass

If you wish to get a quintessence of the beauty of Himachal Pradesh, then a trek to Hampta Pass would be all you need. Starting from Manali via Lahaul and Kullu, the trek will itself give you a digest of the magnificent and splendid beauty of the place. You will be fortunate enough to discover and experience breath-taking views of alpine forests, mighty mountains and expansive grasslands. These are some of the amazing things you will come across during the trek. Moreover, you don’t need to be a pro at trekking for this trek. Anyone from a beginner to an experienced can enjoy this memorable destination. Make sure to carry a refreshing and long-lasting deodorant for men in India such as HE deodorants to keep yourself cool and fresh throughout the trek

  1. Dayara Bugyal

This 9-kilometer-long trek, situated in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, is considered as one of the easiest yet delightful treks of the state. It leads you to the opaque green elevation meadows and will let you get soaked in the natural beauty of the surrounding. It starts off from Barsu village via Raithal to the picturesque sceneries to give you travelgasm.

  1. Kashmir Great Lakes

Extraordinary Lakes trek, seven high lakes show up for a long time, shocking you with their immensity and their remarkable magnificence without fail! Best of all, every lake is exceptional and gloats of its own excellence. The scene soon after storm is fantastic, with lavish glades, and little blossoms littered on the floor, to such an extent, that you’ll ponder where to venture without trampling upon the blooms. The freshness of it can be overpowering. The eye-getting maple trees and fields of Satsar are unique highlights of this trek, aside from the lakes themselves.

  1. Indrahar Pass Trekking

A mountain pass in the Himalayas at an elevation of 4,342 meters the Indrahar Pass is situated close to the tourist town of Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. Indrahar Pass is the most fundamental piece of the well-known trekking course from Dharamshala. Lying over the Dhauladhar ranges the Indrahar Pass brings the perpetual entrancing ranges of high, rough edges; and relative closeness to the fields of the Himalayas.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore these treks and get ready to get amazed.