Eight off-beat adventure sports that you should try this summer!

For an adventure junkie, the thrill of a new experience can be quite a high. However, after doing the same things a couple of times, the adventure trips that once were awe-inspiring just seem boring and old. If this is you, don’t worry. We bring you some of the best off-beat adventure sports that can entice even an experienced adventure enthusiast to pack its bag and head out for the summer. Be it water-based, on the hills, free falling or camping, we have an option for everything! So, pack your bags with your outdoor gear and HE body spray and get moving!

Cliff camping

Regular campsites seem to be too boring now? Well, how about camping on a cliff high above the ground? The new concept of cliff camping has been gaining massive traction amongst adventure junkies as it takes camping to an all new high, literally. Here, you can set up camp on a hill which can be 50 feet above the ground. Enjoy the fresh air as you curl up in your sleeping bag or marvel at the scenic wonder around you as you enjoy your meals.


For anyone who has looked at the ‘bat-cave’ and wanted to go exploring, caving or spelunking should be your activity this summer. Explore caves hidden in wilderness by climbing, rappelling or even crawling to get there. The physical exertion of the trek coupled with the adventure of an unexplored cave can give even the seasoned junkie a boost of adrenalin. However, all this activity can cause to sweat quite a bit raking up the body so don’t forget to pack your HE deodorant to keep you fresh.

Scuba diving

Not satisfied with simply treading the surface of the water? How about exploring the world underwater with scuba diving. This adventure sport is perfect to cool off this summer and allows you to explore the depths of the sea. However, you do have to undergo some basic training first so be sure to set aside enough time for this adventure.


Another great option at the beach is parasailing. Here, you don’t have to settle for being in the water but can soar high above it while enjoying the fresh breeze. You are hooked onto a boat with a parachute type thing strapped to you allowing you to sail in the air with the boat.

Stand up paddle boating

Boating is quite a popular activity in India but for an adventurous guy it can be way boring. Well, not anymore! With stand up paddle boating becoming the new thing, adventure junkies have another way to experience the waves. Here, you get on a paddle and have a stick in your hand with which you move the boat forward. It’s different than surfing and can be done by almost anyone.


This ultimate experience is a must for all adventure enthusiasts. Jumping out of a plane with nothing but a parachute can be terrifying but is a thrill in itself. Of course this isn’t for the faint hearted but for those seeking the ultimate thrill. Be sure to heed the warnings and precautions for this sport!


Want to fly in the sky without sitting in an airplane? Check out paragliding. You have to climb a hill to get to the take-off point and then can glide across nature in the air while being clipped to a glider. As the climb can cause you to sweat profusely be sure to apply your HE deodorant beforehand. Experience the sense of flight along with a birds-eye view of the nature around you for a thrilling time.

Bungee Jumping

Think you got what it takes to jump off a cliff with a rope keeping you secure? Try out bungee jumping this summer as you concur your fear of heights and experience free-falling like never before.

With these off-beat adventure sports, you can be sure to ramp up your thrill quotient this summer. Be sure to carry your travel essentials completed with the favourable HE body spray!


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