We’re into the third month of the year. Aye, the ides of March bring with it the merciless, scorching heat that makes your sweat pour down like the Niagara Falls. Okay that was an exaggeration but you get what I mean, right? No matter how many glasses of water you drink or how low you set your air-conditioner, the heat doesn’t seem to spare you. Summer is also the time when we run out of our deodorants faster than any other time in the year what with all the sweating and the odour that accompanies it. Which is why, a long lasting deodorant like HE deodorant or HE body spray would help you defend against sweat and odour through the summer.

The heat is aimed at dehydrating and leaving you with an unending quench for thirst. Those carbonated drinks and sodas look awfully tempting. Your parched throat and mouth agree, and you gulp down the ice cold drink and a huge sigh of relief escapes as the cool drink refreshes you, inside-out. But hold on there for a moment, tempting and refreshing as they may be, aerated drinks do not have any nutritional value and cause harm to your body. It’s time you avoided these drinks. There are healthier options that will keep you cool, are lip-smackingly delicious, and have high nutritional value. Try out these 10 Drinks for a Chilled out Summer.


  1. Lime with a Twist

Lime with a TwistOne of the most simple, cooling and quick summer drinks is Lime with a Twist. A lemon, pinch of fresh ginger, a green chilli, few sprigs of mint leaves, little salt, soda (optional), and chilled water are all the ingredients you need to consume this refreshing drink. Trust me, it instantly cools down your body and will satiate your thirst.

  1. Coconut Water

It’s not summer without sipping on delicious, refreshing coconut water. This is nature’s most nutritious and tasty fruit that is great in keeping the body hydrated and cool. Coconut water is the best defence against the burning heat that robs you of energy. If you’re on the road, you can easily get this from a roadside vendor. Make sure to use your sunscreen, sunglasses, and HE Deodorant when stepping out in the sun to stay protected.

  1. Aam Panna (Raw Mango Juice)

Raw mango juice is a great way to pep up summer. It’s sweet and sour flavour gives a unique tang that makes it one of the most delicious and nutritive drinks to beat the summer heat. A raw mango, Black salt, pepper, roasted cumin powder, a few sprigs of mint leaves, chilled water, and few ice cubes are the ingredients that go into preparing this rejuvenating tangy delicious drink!

Aam Panna

  1. Lassi

This traditional Punjabi drink has gained mass-wide popularity due to its creamy frothiness and sweet flavour. The main ingredient of this drink is yoghurt, and it can be had sweet, salty or spiced. Completely chilled yoghurt is the key to consuming this highly nutritive, filling, and chilling summer drink.

  1. Kokum Juice

One of the best summer relievers, this coastal fruit, also known as ‘Malabar Tamarind’, protects your body from dehydration and sunstroke. It’s a healthy drink that keeps your body cool and refreshed. Kokam Sherbet is a popular drink among the coastal regions as it grows in abundance there. However, Kokum squash is also available in bottles in stores which you can use to prepare your own Kokum Sherbet.

  1. Cold Coffee

Coffee lovers need not be disappointed as the ever yummy Cold Coffee is a great way to keep the cool factor going during the hot summer months. One of the quickest and easiest cooling drinks to make, you can add a dollop of ice cream, chocolate syrup, and cinnamon to enjoy it wholeheartedly while the sun burns away.

  1. Chaas (Buttermilk)

Chaas or Buttermilk is great not just for summer but also for your whole system. Loaded with curd, ginger, curry leaves, green chillies, mint leaves, salt and chilled water, this invigorating drink is an instant coolant for your body. What’s more, it tastes absolutely delicious!

  1. Sugarcane Juice

A tall glass of frothy sugarcane juice laced with ice cubes! Aah, the perfect drink on a steaming summer day. Sugarcane juice, especially the one from the vendor who crushes the sugarcane manually, is a blessing when you’re sapped of energy from the fiery sun and want some respite. A glass of chilled sugarcane juice will help cool your body, boost your energy levels and hydrates your body. Spray on your refreshing HE body spray before you head out for yummy ganna (sugarcane) juice.

  1. Rose Milk

Rose Milk, as the name suggests, combines the sweet flavour of rose with milk for an ultra-soothing beverage that will set you in a state of complacence and bliss. Rose syrup, rose water, and chilled milk are the main ingredients of this visually appealing drink that helps your body remain cool. Easy and quick to make, this drink is popular with kids and adults alike.

Rose Milk

  1. Mango Juice

What’s summer without a glass of thick mango juice? Our childhood was filled with this delightful drink that kept us cool as we played to our heart’s content in summers. So, let’s continue the tradition of sipping on chilled, fresh, pulpy mango juice as the sun tries to burn a hole through us.

Summer is the season when we keep cool not just with these rejuvenating and delicious drinks but also with our light coloured cotton clothes, caps, and sunglasses. Remember to have a long-lasting, icy cool deodorant with you at all times. The HE deodorant range has a variety of deodorants that will help you through the summer. You can choose from the HE body spray range, the ICY collection, or the Hrithik HE deodorants from the HE deodorant India website which is perfect to retain icy freshness all day long during the hot summer!

Go sip on some lovely aam panna or lassi. Remember, stay hydrated, stay safe, stay fresh!


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