11 Roads in India Every Motor Enthusiast Must Take

There are normal roads and then there are motorcycle friendly roads. Normal roads are your regular chaotic traffic, cows in the middle, potholed speckled, and honking filled road. Motorcycle roads on the other hand are the amalgamation of narrow, wide, dry, green bordered, snow covered roads offering scenic visual delights of rich emerald valleys, sparkling azure waters, sandy brown dunes and wintry white landscapes that gets your heart pumping in exquisite rapture.

Let’s cruise down the 11 amazing roads in India for motorcycle lovers to ride.

This is one life-altering road that challenges you at every turn and progress. It’s one of the most difficult but an extremely fulfilling ride you will ever experience. It covers velvet rich greenery of Manali to the spiritual-seeped, pristine raw and wild beauty of Leh Ladakh. If you’re a beginner, it is advisable to take the help of a guide to navigate the tricky parts of it especially near Khardung-la (the world’s highest motorable road). It’s a soul satisfying road for all motorcycle lovers to ride.

Arunachal Pradesh merges scintillating beauty with challenging roads for a gritty riding experience. Navigate the snow covered roads as you get a glimpse up and close of tribal culture. With the raw natural beauty surrounding you, this makes for a unique and interesting ride.

You’ve probably motorcycled your way through slush, rains, pebbled or icy roads and more. But have you ever motorcycled through a desert? If you haven’t, the great Indian Thar Desert is the perfect place to explore the expansive desert with its golden sand dunes. It’s amazing high climbing those sand dunes and descending down them. Remember to pack essential skin care items to avoid the harmful effects of the sun. Also pack your HE deodorant to maintain a great smell at all times.

If you’re looking for an easy, relaxing ride, take the Mumbai to Trivandrum route for some great exposure to the western coastline of India. It’s a refreshing ride with the coastal regions laid at your feet and scores of sandy beaches brushed with water keep you in mesmerizingly Loly Company. While the ride is on the whole pleasant, spray on some HE body spray to keep as fresh and odour-free as possible. The heavenly pure Allepey is a destination that is worth the ride.

We’ve covered riding across a sandy desert, how about riding across a salt desert? The Rann of Kutch is a magnificent white landscape with no civilization or even a defined path around. You can just accelerate and not use your brakes! Make the ride a magical and memorable one by riding at night-time when the whole heavens open out above you with the luminous glow of the moon and twinkling guiding stars weave their magic on you.

Think deep green valleys, sapphire water bodies, and tricky terrain and you’re in for one of the most charming yet challenging rides. The scenic vistas beside every mountain will bring out joy, music and a song from your heart. The sheer beauty of this route takes your breath away. It’s a ride unlike any other, unique and incomparable.

If you’re a story buff and a motorcycle enthusiast, try the Delhi – Mandawa route to get your fill of history as you navigate through the roads. Make your way from Delhi to Taj Mahal and catch up on forts around Jaipur and Agra while you’re there. Head on to Pushkar for narrower roads and explore to your heart’s content.

The north-east is still yet to be explored completely. The ride from Siliguri to Yuksom promises fantastic and challenging roads surrounded by pristine beauty. You can see the majestic Himalayas rising high against the sky while Kanchenjunga is also visible from here. Ride on through Kalimpong to discover colourful markets here and enjoy your time in these mountains away from the bustle of city life.

While we’re on riding through the north-east, let’s look at another gem that is Meghalaya. The wettest place on Earth is a paradise for motorcycle riding lovers. With the highest waterfalls of India gushing down the mountains and uncertain terrain, Meghalaya is a great place to be explored on a motorcycle. The cleanest place in India has a quintessential beauty that will consume you. While you’re there, visit Nongriat for a look at the living root bridge.

Okay so this isn’t really a lengthy motorcycle ride but if you’re a daredevil then Pamban Bridge at Rameswharam is a challenge you would simply love to conquer. Imagine a bridge surrounded by water just a few inches below. It’s easy to get swept away if the tide rises here. Ride with the ocean under you and you will experience something quite out of the ordinary. Apply a whiff of HE body spray Icy Lagoon to match the ocean’s call.

A good one for a weekend motorcycle trip, Kolli Hills features 70 hairpin bends! It’s a deathly road, so be careful navigating those sharp turns. It should get your adrenaline rushing and pumping. Enjoy the thrill of this road and do stop over at the Agai Ganga waterfall, Pineapple farm and Shiva temple.

So there you have it, 11 amazing roads in India for motorcycle lovers to ride. We’ve tried to cover diverse areas and terrains for the ultimate riding experience. Remember to always keep your HE deodorant at the ready while you’re out on the road.


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