What’s your deodorant personality?

In 2017, the alpha male is more than just ‘Tall, Dark and Handsome’. You also gotta be smart, witty and have an amazing personality!

And as we all know, one of the most important aspects of having a kickass personality is to have an irresistible scent. Research proves that men who smell good are considered to be more attractive than guys who don’t. (Well, you don’t need some research to prove this fact, do you?)

A lot can be said from just your choice in men’s deodorant. Wonder how? Let us break it down for you.

  1. If you go for HE Respect-

You are the guy who acts like a gentleman from the retro age but your thoughts are quite modern. You know how to treat a woman right and wish to be the wind beneath her wings. You do not believe in patronizing and are far away from stereotypes.

  1. If you go for HE Conqueror-

You aim to win in every stage of life. Being highly competitive is exhausting but you do it with utmost sincerity and overcome all the obstacles in every phase of your life. From choosing a body deodorant for men to career decisions, you always go for the best.

  1. If you go for HE Magician-

You always surprise the people around you. You are calm in the chaos, which this insane society is desperately in need of. Be it a problem in your life/closed ones, you are always the one who comes up with the most quirky yet rational solution.

  1. If you go for HE Ruler-

You have exceptional leadership qualities and always want to be the captain of the ship. People look up to you and are constantly inspired by your actions. Heads turn as soon as you enter the room; some admire your brain, while the others admire your personality.

  1. If you go for HE Smart-

Someone with an inborn talent of being witty, quick with his answers and exceptionally smart! You can easily swoop anyone off his/her feet with your charming smile and sharp wisdom. You are the epitome of the phrase – “Beauty with Brains”

  1. If you go for HE Passion-

You are driven by the fire inside you and always wish to achieve the unattainable! With your game face on, you are constantly looking for newer mountains to climb and harder goals to achieve. (P.S – It is a No-Gas body deodorant for men, so we know you like to be extra specific in your choices)

  1. If you go for HE Hypnotic-

This one is truly a killer! You like to transport everyone around you in a different world with your presence and your fragrance is one of the primary reasons for this transportation!

  1. If you go for HE Icy Collection-

You are one of the cool guys amongst the hot heads; a breath of fresh air in the loo and drop of rain in the summers. You get the idea right? While the entire world is in the race of looking hot, you, on the other hand, want to look cool.

So have you found yourself in the above list? Do your traits match the ones with our product traits? So why wait? Pick your favourite men’s deodorant, which suits you the best and leaves the world mesmerized with your distinctive smell!


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