Deodorants, fragrances and personalities

Choosing a deodorant is like choosing a LinkedIn profile picture. You want it to be perfect, not too dull, not over the top and yet attract the best professional connections. Well, this is possible only if you choose the best body spray for men in India. Just to help you get there, here’s what different fragrances say about each personality:

Bergamot and grapefruit: Impeccable businessman

The purity of bergamot and the freshness of grapefruit with a slight touch of musk is the fragrance that makes a man look impeccable yet enigmatic. This is clearly for a powerful businessman who is shining in his best attire always, outperforming himself and mysteriously seductive. Men deodorant with this fragrance is for the powerful men.

Aromatic spices and intense woody notes: Gentlemen

A classic fragrance with aromatic spices and intense woody notes is for the charming, elegant and the chivalrous. The man choosing this fragrance is a heart winner and can sweep you off your feet in the best way possible. Only a gentleman will choose this best body deodorant for men in India.

Citrus: Athletic

Citrus fragrances are fun and energetic. This is for the sporty and athletic personalities. The men who are the life of the party and love being the centre of attention will pick body spray brands, India with this fragrance.

Marine: Casual

Marine fragrances are for those who love to be in the water. It is also for the men who are easy going, casual and happy go lucky. The ones who have a style that is casual and effortless shall surely go marine with the deodorant brands in India.

Leather: Silent and Daring

Leather fragrances are for the men who are strong and silent, yet mysterious and daring. The cowboy hat, leather jackets, scuffed boots and a rugged bike is what they thrive on. Leather fragrances are for the gutsy men who won’t walk with the crowd.

Fougère: Outdoors man

Fougère fragrances are green and fern like, reminiscent of a pine forest. The man who chooses a Fougère fragrance is an outdoors man, rugged and full of the country air. He can chop the firewood, create a roaring fire, take a road trip and escape away in a range rover. The outdoor man will hunt for his fragrance among the best body deodorant for men, India.

Earthy: Bold

Earthy scents are for the men who are unique and bold. They can’t help but be as real as they are. They never stop themselves from exploring and taking up a challenge. He is grounded in every sense of the World.

Well, that’s that! The next time you are looking for a deodorant, pick one that depicts your personality and makes you stand out. The best part is you don’t have to wonder how any more, this article is your ready reckoner. If you know anyone who is looking for the perfect deodorant that fits their personality, feel free to guide them to this article.


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